Iditarod Drop Bags and Playing With Puppies

After hours and hours of cutting meat, bagging kibble, planning runs, packaging food and booties, we finally got to send off the Iditarod drop bags! What a GREAT feeling. The next time I'll see those bags, I'll be taking a vacation on the Iditarod Trail.

Stormy and Wingman in lead.

To celebrate the mailing of the Iditarod drop bags, we thought it'd be a good day to run some puppies. These guys are only about seven months old, but they're all doing exceptionally well. Just for fun, we tried Wingman and Ewok (a puppy who joined Ryno Kennel last fall) in lead and they both rocked it. I'm so excited for this puppy class.

Yuker- This is one handsome dude. He's super affectionate and acts cocky, but he actually can be very sensitive.

Blitz- Blitz is still pretty gangly and a tad awkward, but he shows tons of promise. He's one of the most focused puppies in team. 

Fish- Since Fish is a flying squirrel, she was held back a couple weeks behind the other puppies. Recently she's hopped back into training and looks AWESOME. So much energy.

Uno- Uno is a mini-verson of her mom, Perm, except blonde in color. She likes to talk back and yell at everyone.

Yuker and Biltz

Crunch- Crunch is one cuddly boy who has been rocking it in the team. He's very focused and is finally growing a bit in size to match his big attitude.

Wingman- As I mentioned before, Wingman has already run in lead. He's crazy, loud, loves to eat, and might be missing a few brain cells, but that's ok. He's a rock star.

Ewok- Ewok (Brazil x Bailey) joined Ryno Kennel a few months ago from our neighbor Ketil. She is incredible. Very sweet but the most focused pup right now.

Wombat- Wombat (Flo x Wizard) also joined Ryno Kennel a few months prior from Pete Kaiser. Wombat is two months older than the other pups and is CRAZY. She has nonstop energy. She's already run in lead, and I have yet to see this girl tired.

Wingman and Crunch

Earl and Uno