The Ryno Kennel Crew

Exercising, caring for, and entertaining a kennel of 40 dogs is not a one-woman job! In addition to the friends, family, and sponsors that make it all possible, we've been lucky enough to have the help of some incredible people! So who is part of the Kennel Crew this year?


Gunhild arrived in mid-October from Norway and has been helping train the dogs, walk puppies, and do chores around the kennel. She has lots of prior mushing experience in both Norway and Alaska, but most importantly, Gunhild still has a smile on her face after 5 hour ATV runs at -30F! She has a soft spot of Niagra and Coot and is learning the spiderweb of Two Rivers trails, which is quite a feat!

Gunhild looking tough (cause she is!)

Gunhild and Ewok

Stormy, Cooke and Tyler


Tyler helped out in September and October with fall training, kennel chores, and puppy walking. He'll be back during the Adventure Trips to take care of all the pups left at home and make sure everyone gets lots of attention! The rest of the winter, Tyler is visiting his family in Wisconsin and then handling during the Copper Basin 300 for prior Ryno Crew, Riley Dyche (who started his own kennel- Dark Horse Racing). After the Copper Basin, Tyler is handling for neighbor and friend, Matt Hall, during the Yukon Quest! We'll let it slide that Tyler is handling for the competition :)

I can't mention the new Ryno Crew members without saying thanks again to Maliko and Tessa for all their hard work last year. Tessa is currently living in California and recently became engaged! Maliko is in Fairbanks and has a "real world" job, but we're roping her into coming out to train whenever we can.