2016 Year End Storm

Jana and Drummer building snow forts on our run.

2016 left one more parting gift and dumped over a foot of snow on Two Rivers! We are beyond ecstatic! Not only that, but the forecast predicts even more snow throughout the night and tomorrow!

To celebrate, I hooked up a 16-dog team of Ham and Lefty, Perm and Niagra, Katy and Supai, Rucu and Fenton, Cartel and Boone, Drake and Coot, Jana and Drummer, and Kindi and Fez and hit the trails! Normally this time of year, I try to keep our speed up in preparation for the faster mid-distance races; however, the deep snow was calling our name, so we swam along at 6 mph the whole day, busting through snow drifts and leaving a single sled track across fields of snow. I think the dogs enjoyed the change as well.

Gunhild readying the yearling team.

Gunhild went on a shorter run with Frosty and CJ, Belle and Brant, Chagga and Wombat, Wingman and Ewok, and Uno and Blitz. While I never saw another team, Gunhild passed several! It was great practice for the yearlings.

I can't wait to see how much we receive tonight! It's like Christmas all over again!