Happy Solstice!

Winter Solstice has arrived! Wooohoooo!

One of the things I love most about Alaska is the extremes. From 24 hours of light in the summer to just a few hours twilight in the winter, from 85F in July to -50F in December, we get it all. Just when I start to get worn down by the intensity of a season, it starts to change. For this reason, WELCOME WINTER SOLSTICE!

Today the sun rose at 10:59 AM and then will set at 2:40 PM for a total length of day of 3:41:33! For many mushers in the area, the Winter Solstice is a big holiday all in itself. Rather than having Christmas parties, we're having a big solstice party to welcome the return of the sun. While tomorrow we'll only gain 19 seconds of sunlight, each day it will increase until by the end of December, we're gaining over 3:07 a day, and by the end of January, we're gaining at least 6:41 a day! Here are some photos taken in the lovely twilight of late December when the sun never reaches far above the horizon.