Happy Veterans Day/ My Dad is the Best Dad in the Whole World

Originally I had intended to do a Veteran’s Day post, but I couldn’t quite get organized yesterday. Instead, I figured I’d just do a “My Dad is the Best Dad in the Whole World” post today, which is actually more fitting because as I brainstormed what to write, I realized “Thank you for your service” just wasn’t going to cut it.  

For the first chapter of my life, Mike Olson was a dashingly handsome Navy pilot, as you can see from the pictures. His callsign was Swede, and he flew the A-6 Intruder. For your time given to the United States and our freedoms, thank you. For the dedication and sacrifices of all our military servicemen and women- thank you!

But I have to selfishly admit, it’s the time my dad gave specifically to me that has had such a monumental impact and shaped who I am today. From coaching my soccer team (the Intruders) to coaching my nordic team (Team RAD) to organizing backpacking trips (during which it always rained, snowed, or had no trail) to cooking the best breakfasts, he has always been there. Occasionally, he takes it too far, like hiding in the bushes during my college soccer tryouts, which were closed to the public. It was only mildly embarrassing to be called out in front of everyone.

Most importantly, he showed me how to smile and laugh even when conditions were miserable, and how the best stories come from the most challenging adventures. For that, thank you.

You’ve inspired a new and improved proverb:
Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach a woman to fish, never catch anything, but smile and laugh the whole time- you’ve shown her how to love life.

I love you Dad.