Copper Basin 300: Ryno Kennel Team Selections & Start Positions

First, Ryno Kennel would like to thank all the wonder volunteers of the Copper Basin 300 for all they do putting together our first long distance race of the 2016 season. 

After arriving safely in Glennallen yesterday, Ryno Kennel dropped off their checkpoint bags and passed their vet checks with flying colors. Following mandatory musher meetings to receive news on the trail conditions, they were on to the musher draw to receive their bib numbers.

Ryne drew #40 which puts her with a 12:18 start followed close behind by Maliko who drew #45 and a 12:28 start. 

Ryne plans to start with Cartel and Fire as leaders, then Fez and Katy, Perm and Ham, Kindi and Supai, Rucu and Jana, and Pirate and Drummer in wheel.

Maliko will have Niagra and Boone in lead, then Derby and Sally, Belle and lefty, CJ and Coot, Brant and Drake, and Charley and Fenton in wheel.

Join us to listen to the start of the race broadcast by KCAM radio (  Also, follow the GPS trackers at Race Central found on and find regular updates on Copper Basin's facebook page (