Copper Basin Here We Come!

We are so excited to be starting two teams in the Copper Basin 300 this weekend.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we'll be setting off with four humans and twenty four canine athletes to Glennallen.  This year, we've got an all star team of not only dogs, but also people!  Joining us as handlers for the 2016 Copper Basin, we have Derek Patton handling for Ryne and Tessa Butterfield handling for Maliko.  Both Derek and Tessa handled at last year's Copper Basin for Ryno Sled Dog Kennel, and we're thrilled to have them both back (though, to be fair, Derek probably wouldn't have let anyone else handle for Ryne anyway).  

Due to our strangely warm winter, the trail has been changed a little bit from previous years.  Rather than starting in Glennallen, we'll be starting in Gakona, about twenty miles up the road.  This changes our strategy a little bit as the first run into Red Eagle Lodge will only be about thirty miles.  That's a breeze for our super stars!  

Follow our teams on the Copper Basin ( website, and stay tuned to Facebook and the Ryno Sled Dog Kennel webpage for pictures and updates from along the trail!

Picture from one of the final training runs before the big race!