Highlight on Yuker and Crunch at 6 months

Remember the adorable little pups from this summer? Wow- they've grown, and they're only 6 months!

Today- highlight on Crunch and Yuker!

Crunch- 6 months old

Crunch still has his adorable, goofy ears, but he too has grown significantly. He's on the smaller side of the pups but has one of the biggest attitudes. Crunch is known for his temper, so we'll have to make sure he doesn't get too big for his britches. Both are such handsome boys!

Yuker- 6 months

Yuker is now a ridiculously handsome cocky boy who is already taller than his mom, Perm. I have no idea where Yuker got his size with Perm being only 45 lbs and Reef only slightly larger at 50 lbs.