Ryne and Team Win the Veterinarian Care Award!

In addition to the standard placings, additional awards are handed out at the end of races recognizing various accomplishments including The Red Lantern (last place), the Golden Rake (best handler), Rookie of the Year, Sportsmanship Award and the Vet Care Award.

At this year's Copper Basin, the winners of the awards are as follows-

Red Lantern- Jason Stewart

The Golden Rake- Kim Franklin's handler

Rookie of the Year- Dave Delcourt

Sportsmanship- Darrin Lee

Vet Care Awards- Ryne Olson and Torsten Kohnert

Yes! We were ecstatic to win the Vet Care Award along with Torsten Kohnert. Finishing well in a race is always a source of pride, but nothing is more rewarding than being recognized for the health and happiness of the dog team. A huge thank you to Fire, Cartel, Ham, Katy, Perm, Fez, Rucu, Jana, Supai, Kindi, Pirate, and Drummer for making Ryno Kennel look good!