Movin' Up

Wow -- what a fast race this is turning into.

Last word from the trail was Ryne had arrived at Meiers Lake at 12:55 AM. She had moved from 40th to 8th in just over 12 hours! The trails had warmed up to 5 degrees above zero, and the dogs were in high spirits. Katy and Ham were in lead; Ryne said she is rotating the leaders every run to keep them fresh. 

Ryne has managed her rest time and at the Meiers Lake checkpoint had 9 hours in the bank towards the mandatory 18, while some in front of her have less rest and will have to stop, so we might be seeing Ryne move up even more.

Maliko arrived at the Meiers Lake checkpoint at 5:42 AM this morning with a happy team -- they had stopped earlier for a camp out on the trail!

Oh my, as I have been typing, the CB300 website shows Ryne arriving at the Sourdough Checkpoint at 10:31 AM putting her in 5th place! With a run time of 3 hours 22 minutes, 2nd fastest to this checkpoint so far, the dogs must be very sassy and happy.

Following are a few pictures from Meiers Lake with the last one taken from the Copper Basin site on facebook of a sled dog team under the Northern Lights at Meier's Lake--what a treat!