Iron Creek Turnaround

This is a short video of one of the turnaround sections of trail in the Two Rivers trail system that I really enjoy. Even though the trail is only maybe 1/4 of a mile long, I love how it winds through dense brush, then large white spruce, then magically pops out in Iron Creek (a creek which each musher calls by their own invented name). On warm days, we take a long break in the creek. Most dogs tromp around in the water and take a drink, but there's a few who totally submerge themselves (Supai, Derby, and Charley). I can imagine how refreshing it must be!

All the dogs are still training together, and the yearlings and oldies haven't been separated just yet. To run every dog in the kennel, I take out two large teams of 15 dogs. I typically prefer to take slightly smaller teams, but with the warmer weather, it's advantageous to have all the dogs run by 10 AM in the morning. As mentioned in prior posts, there have been a few new leaders emerging in the mix- Eider, Coot, and...Lefty! Lefty has recently been taking his turn in lead and DOMINATING. Lead Dog Lefty does have a nice ring to it.