Flatbed Construction

Check out what Derek and I have been up to! And by that I mean mostly Derek, the Mr. Fix-it, Build-it, Weld-it, Sew-it, all around Renaissance Man of Ryno Kennel!


One of the major projects at Ryno Kennel has been the construction of a flatbed for the dog truck. Once completed, the flatbed will be equipped with a double-decker dog box, allowing us to transport more Ryno athletes.

To complete this project, Derek's skills were put to the test. Without taking off the old bed, Derek took measurements and began welding the flatbed. He completed the basic construction last summer, but we didn't have enough time before the season to switch out the beds and construct a new dog box for the flatbed.

Jezzy modeling the bed prior to painting

This summer, the project recommenced. Derek took off the old truck bed and hoisted the flatbed between two trees using a pulley system. With the help of the four wheeler, we slowly lowered the flatbed onto the frame of the truck. It was a moment of truth- did the measurements taken freehand match the frame?

You bet they did! A few minor adjustments and welding additions, and the flatbed was secured to the frame of the truck. With a coat of rough paint and minor electrical work--Ryno Kennel has a new flatbed!