Riley's Old Mail Trail 200 Write-Up

In the Old Mail Trail 200 a couple weeks ago, Riley ran the adult team to a 5th place finish. Here he provides a little insight into each member in his team:

"Ham- Ham was once again a critical member of the team during the OMT-200. He lead with his sister Neptune for well over half the race and seemed unfazed by the warm 40+ degree weather. 

Niagra- Niagra, as always, was a hard working and consistent member of the team. She finished happy and healthy. 

Sally- Sally ran up front in swing for most of the race and was a hard driver and key for speed for the first 85 miles. During the last 30 miles she needed a couple quick rests to re-motivate herself but finished strong.

Supai- Supai was a happy and energetic boy. He worked hard the entire race and finished with a wagging tail. 

Rucu- Rucu wasn't a big fan of running in the warm weather, regardless he worked his tail off and  pulled more than his fair share. 

Perm- I really don't have any "favorites" when it comes to the dogs, but if I did Perm would be one of them. The OMT-200 was our second race together and just like in the Copper Basin 300 Perm shined when the pressure of competition was on. Perm was animated and screaming to go the entire race, even after we'd reached the dog truck and finished the race.

Katy- Katy was charging hard in swing with her sister Sally the first three quarters of the race and led with Neptune for the last 50 miles, finishing happy and healthy. 

Fez- Fez is a team member who really loves her job as a sled dog. She happily worked hard alongside her teammate Niagra for the duration of the race.

Kindi- Kindi is a super hard worker and happy girl... Unfortunately she worked a little too hard early on in the race and developed a slightly stiff shoulder, resulting in a leisurely ride inside the sled for her for approximately 80 miles of the first half of the OMT-200. Letting me know that she would much rather be working in the team, Kindi loudly voiced her objection to her sled ride all the way to Manley. At the half way point of the race Kindi caught a comfy ride back home to Two Rivers with the Ryno Kennel handling team, which consisted of Jezy and her assistant Derek.

Neptune- Neptune led the entire race, she was tough headed and hard driving for all 200 miles and was still banging her harness to go at the finish line."