On the Road…with Enterprise!

And we're on the road to Whitehorse…in an Enterprise rental car!! While the bulk of the travel will be done from the back of the dog sled, the support crew driving the trail is just as important, and that's where Enterprise comes in. 

The Ryno Team will be making the drive to Whitehorse in two groups. Yesterday evening, the Public Relations Manager (aka my mother, Katy Human) and I began the drive to Whitehorse. We left early in order to attend all the pre-race events.While most mothers relish their vacation time lounging on beaches and drinking margaritas in 80 degree weather with their daughters, my mother has been thriving at -35 degrees and darkness.  Thanks, Mom, for spending your three weeks vacation in frigid, winter Alaska!

Operations Manager (Derek) and Canine Specialist (Riley) along with 14 canine athletes will drive to Whitehorse on Thursday. The dogs will have a couple more days at home to stretch out and relax before all the hustle and bustle of the race start. 

Katy Canine and Katy Human

A HUGE thank you to Ryan and Enterprise for providing the Ryno Team with a rental car to allow for better mobility. The Ryno Support Team will consist of the dog truck and an AWD Enterprise rental car, meaning my mother now does not have to sleep in the back of the dog truck at checkpoints! Big perk!