Campout Refresher

After their long break during the Quest, the yearlings needed a refresher campout. Here are some photos and a video from the adventure!  

Team Line Up:

Left to right: Pirate, Dana, Brodie, Sally

Sally (2 yr) Brodie (4 yr)

Pirate (3 yr) Dana (2 yr)

Fenton (1 yr) Belle (1 yr)

Drake (1 yr) Coot (1 yr)

Eider (1 yr) Lefty (1 yr)

Brant (1 yr) CJ (1 yr)

Belle and Fenton did exceptionally well in the hills, which goes to show that size doesn't matter since Belle is the smallest yearling and Fenton is the largest! Little Sally is developing into a rock solid leader and has no problem with either fast trails or deep snow! At first, Coot and Brant were a little taken aback by the length and size of the hills on our run, but they overcame their surprise and finished strong and focused. 

Brodie and Sally leading the yearlings on a refresher campout.