Videos from the Yukon Quest Trail

As the Ryno Kennel team moved through the checkpoints the last few days, the support crew has had no cell coverage, limiting our communication. Sorry for the lack of posts. 

With the increase in miles and temperature, the young dog team has been gaining more confidence. While Ryne has continued the run/rest cycle she adopted due to the earlier weather, the run times are getting faster and the dogs are gaining strength the closer they get to home. Did you happen to check the run from Central  to Milepost 101 which included the climb over Eagle Summit? Granted the dogs have had a lot of rest, but that was one of the fastest times, and probably their favorite run so far. 

The dropped dog in Central was Cartel, who cracked a toenail. Without the benefit of a full pedicure, Ryne felt it best to give the wonder dog a much deserved rest. The prissy little cheerleader was none too happy to be taken off the team, but Cartel became a love in the handler's caravan.

The incredible young team made another fast run into Chena Hot Springs last night. After the mandatory 8 hour rest, they will be headed to the finish line. Keep your eye on the tracker (, and those in Fairbanks, come on out and cheer these super stars home!

Below are a few videos captured from the team's travels. The first video has very poor, well really nonexistent video, but we thought you might enjoy Ryne's audio commentary. The second video gives an idea of how rough that jumble ice really is, while the third video is smooth sailing. So grab your favorite warm drink, be patient with the download, and enjoy!