Talk from the trail!

Ryno Kennel on American Summit  (Thanks Ed from

Ryno Kennel on American Summit  (Thanks Ed from


Techniques of free writing:

  • Do not make corrections as you write.
  • Write whatever comes into your mind.
  • Do not judge or censor what you are writing.

While Ryne was eating her first meal in Dawson City, instead of having Ryne do a free writing, she did a little “free talking” when a few of the dog’s names were called out:

Fire -- the main gal, the one who gets them down the trail, excited about running, always ready to leave, at 5 years old - the old lady on the team and her maturity is apparent

Cartel -- turned into a vocal dog, high pitch yips when it is time to go

Katy -- super steady for a young dog, unfazed by the huge increase in miles, does not like kibble but loves snacks (meat!) {side note: this sounds like human Katy -- prefers dessert over the entree!}

Rucu -- eats everything, including his neighbors food! Does not like the overflow but still a super hard worker

Supai -- getting stronger the more miles under his belt

During the second meal (dinner), we listened in as Ryne was interviewed and came away with the following tidbits:

  • On the Yukon Quest Race: Ryno Kennel has never had to camp as much, having to travel 200+ miles self-supported. Not only did  the team not seem to mind carrying the extra weight, Ryne particularly enjoyed how the camping brings not only more of a connection with the team, but also really brings the mushers together out on the trail.
  • Ryne’s original race plan changed on the first day due to the extreme temperatures. This is a very young team, first time any of them have run 1000 miles, so making it fun is paramount. Ryne rearranged their run time to the natural sleep cycle of the dogs, and timed rests during the heat of the day so the dogs could relax when they rest.
  • Everything takes longer in these extreme temperatures. The excitement of the dogs to go after a rest is evidence of the need for this extra time (feeding, massaging, resting) Ryne is giving them in these brutal conditions. 
  • Least favorite run so far was going into Scroggie Creek, a run that seemed like everytime they went around a corner, they had already been around that corner! Ryne said she started singing:

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes, (when she comes).
She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes, (when she comes).
She'll be coming 'round the mountain, she'll be coming 'round the mountain,
She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes,
(when she comes).

She'll be driving eleven beautiful dogs when she comes,...

  • Favorite run has been the last few runs into Dawson City (see earlier post with video.) The trail had taken the team higher providing spectacular views.
  • A favorite stop she did not plan on taking was Stepping Stone hospitality stop. At the checkpoint before, mushers commented on how they were planning on running past. But as the trail comes up to that point, signs start to appear: first at 300 meters - HOT BURRITOS; 200 meters -- HOT LASAGNA; 100 meters -- HOT COFFEE. How could one not stop with that advertising!

Today, Ryne is back on the trail after her mandatory stay in Eagle. Looks like she stayed extra to rest the dogs and left when it was warm and light. From her run times, looks like the team is having fun and enjoying the day.

Go Ryno Kennel!