Solstice 50


Today Ryno Kennel partakes in our second race of the season- the Solstice 50! This is a race organized by our local Two Rivers Club that begins in “downtown” Two Rivers at Pleasant Valley Store. From there, it heads north where we’ll spend about 2/3 of the race traversing the steep hills of the firebreak (time to see how fit the musher is). The remaining 1/3 of the race will be winding through the spiderweb of trails in the Chena Valley until we return to finish at Pleasant Valley Store. Time to celebrate the 3 hours and 42 minutes of sunlight- it’s Solstice!

Ryne’s Team
1. Boone
2. Cartel
3. Drummer
4. Fez
5. Ham
6. Jana
7. Katy
8. Lefty
9. Perm
10. Pirate
11. Rucu
12. Supai

Maliko’s Team
1. Belle
2. Brant
3. CJ
4. Charley
5. Coot
6. Drake
7. Eider
8. Fenton
9. Fire
10. Kindi
11. Niagra
12. Sally