First Campout of the Season

With fresh snow on the ground, Maliko and I took the dogs on their first campout of the season! Bluebird skies, fresh snow, and spunky dogs- what more could you want? The dogs have been doing exceptionally well in training, tackling hills, overflow, ice, or any other obstacle in the trail.

While some of these photos show the dogs resting, I have to be honest: they camped terribly. After about 30 minutes (during which CJ destroyed all nearby trees), the team unanimously voted that it was time to leave. All the athletes stood and began barking and slamming their harnesses. Maliko and I tried to fight the surge and calm everyone, but we soon realized it was a lost cause. Next time, we'll be sure to run farther before giving everyone a break.

At the very least, it was a beautiful day for a campout. Enjoy the pictures!