Copper Basin Pre-Race

Vet Checks

Today we arrived in Glennallen for the pre-race activities. Drop bags, registration, vet checks, and drivers meetings filled up the afternoon and early evening. It takes an impressive number of volunteers, sponsors, and helpers to organize a 300 mile race and herd all 50 mushers through the required paperwork to make the race happen. Thank you!

The following photos are from the vet checks. All the Ryno dogs were given two thumbs up and are ready to rock and roll!

Tomorrow, Ryne and the Team will be leaving 9th, while Riley and combination of athletes from Ryno Kennel, Smokin’ Ace Kennel, and Dark Horse Racing will be leaving 12th. Updates will be posted on this website, Facebook, and the Copper Basin website. Ryne will also be equipped with a tracker, so follow along on

Thanks to Tessa and Derek for being the pit crew for this year’s Copper Basin 300! Teams will be posted tomorrow morning.


Ryne meeting major CB sponsors: Crowley Petroleum. THANKS for your support of the copper basin 300!

Ham getting a check up by a future veterinarian.

Supai during vet checks.