Colorado Creek Trail

With drop bags finished and just 12 days until Quest start, we've been focusing on putting some solid training runs on the dogs. Yesterday Riley and I took two teams up the Colorado Creek drainage, and with the clear, -20 temps we experienced spectacular views! Sally, who is not normally a leader, led the entire run, breaking trail for a good portion. Who says a 35 pound dog with a foot and a half long legs can't be a trail breaker?

Just as we returned, the bottom fell out of the thermometer as -40 to -45 temperatures swept through the valley. That calls for a 14 dog night! Cartel, Sally, and Fire claimed the couch, Katy claimed the dog bed, Ham the lazy boy chair, Derby found a calm secluded corner, Kindi by the water bowl, Fez next to Derek, Niagra by the wood stove, Rucu under the table, Perm against the lazy boy, and Supai never settled but tried to play with everyone all night. Stormy and Jezzy enjoyed all the company.