Yukon Quest Drop Bags

With the Yukon Quest just two weeks away (gasp!), drop bags holding every possible item a musher and 14 dogs might need on a 1000-mile race in a variety of temperatures and conditions will be left with volunteers at the Yukon Quest food drops tomorrow. No pressure right? I guess that's the beauty of mushing. No matter how prepared I might feel (or try to be), something will happen that allows me to use some mushing ingenuity! 

So what is in those drop bags? Three types of kibble, beef, chicken skins, BLT (beef liver and tripe), fish, North Country meat mix, other meats, supplements, runner plastics, booties, vet wrap, vet gear, socks, gloves, neck gaiters, delicious vacuum sealed meals made by Kaz (thank you!), cheesecake, bacon, granola bars, Wilderness Athlete drink mix, hand warmers, toe warmers, matches, kleenex, and the list goes on….. Veteran mushers joke that a sign of a rookie is thousands of pounds of drop bags. Well, this year I fall into that category and will take full advantage of it! 

Two weeks and counting….WOOHOO!!

Photo taken by Whitney McLaren