Nick's Trip

With Nick's Alaskan vacation drawing to a close, it was time for a trip into the wilds, rain or shine. So rain it was. A few days ago, Nick, Katy, Stormy, and Eider headed up to hike the Pinnell Mountain Trail, a 30-mile trail beginning at Eagle Summit and continuing in a horseshoe shape to Twelve Mile Summit on the Steese Highway outside of Fairbanks. Eagle Summit is the infamous mountain crossing on the Yukon Quest. It's known not only for it's steepness, but also the powerful winds and treeless tundra. The adjacent picture of the first shelter cabin is a fabulous example of the severity of the winds around Eagle Summit. Notice the roof laying far in the background. 

Even with the occasional rain storm, Nick, Stormy, Katy, and Eider enjoyed their trip into the tundra. Overall, both humans and sled dogs are enjoying the summer! 

The roofless shelter with the roof shown far in the background. Powerful winds!