Family Help

Katy braving the pouring rain to serve dinner to the sled dogs. 

While I'm recovering from an injury, I recruited some top notch help. For the next couple of weeks, Katy (my mother and Katy canine's namesake) will be helping with the chores around the kennel as well as learn all about being a handler. From scooping poop, to feeding and watering dogs, to free running, my mom experiences it all-- rain or shine. And recently it has been raining. ALOT. I was hoping Alaska would woo my mother with clear skies, balmy temperatures, midnight sun, and picturesque wildlife, but instead she has dealt flood warning rains, mud puddles, and mosquitos. Even though Alaska isn't on her best behavior, Katy seems to be enjoying herself nonetheless. 

Katy Human feeding Katy Canine

Supai, Jezzy, and Katy all helping Ryne do physical therapy stretches. Not everyone was necessarily helpful….