Alpine Creek Excursion Race

The first race of the season is finally here! Two Ryno Kennel teams are heading down to the Denali Highway to run in the Alpine Creek Excursion Race. The race begins at the start of the Denali Highway on the Cantwell side and runs to Alpine Creek Lodge 65 miles down the road. We will stay the night at the lodge then run at our leisure back to the trucks the following morning. The teams are comprised of:

Ryne: Ham, Katy, Cartel, Fire, Sally, Niagra, Kindi, Supai, Rucu, Derby, Fez, Perm

Riley: Drake, Coot, Eider, Brant, Belle, CJ, Lefty, Fenton, Snuff (Riley), Silk (Riley), Brodie (Riley), Neptune (Riley) 

Derek: Iron Dog