It's a Race!

Today, Ryno Kennel was scheduled to compete in the Solstice 100 and 50; however, due to lack of snow and trail limitations, it is not safe to have 30+ teams racing around the Chena River Valley. Even though the Solstice races have been postponed to January 3rd, we've decided to organize our own race for a few local teams. Starting at noon, a handful of mushers will still get a race to challenge the dogs and put some good training miles on them. 

Who will be racing from Ryno Kennel?

Ryne- Ham, Fire, Katy, Sally, Cartel, Rucu, Supai, Kindi, Derby, Fez, Charlie, Pirate

Riley- Neptune, Brodie, Perm, Dana, Niagra, Brant, Coot, Drake, Eider, Belle, Lefty, CJ

Riley and the yearlings will just be racing one 50-mile leg, while Ryne and the adults will race both. Results to be posted tomorrow!