A Warm Sunrise


Typically in Fairbanks, when the sky clears, the temperature drops. All those beautiful nights of vivid northern lights are normally accompanied by forty below temperatures. Likewise, when the clouds roll in, you're given a small respite from the cold. An exception would be the Chinook winds....or this winter in general.

For whatever reason, the Lower 48 has stolen our cold weather and left Alaska with 40 ABOVE and even rain. Yes, class was cancelled yesterday due to rain. In January. In Interior Alaska. But I guess I shouldn't complain. We're better off than most of Alaska. We at least have a solid base of rock-hard icy snow when other areas are covered in dirt. Unfortunately, the warm weather has been the cause of multiple race cancellations like the Tustumena 200 and Northern Lights 300. Luckily the Quest 300 and Yukon Quest next weekend are still a go. 

But back to my clear sky/cold temps theory. It's been shattered. This winter we've had many days of beautiful clear skies and temperatures close to freezing, which I rather enjoy until the temperatures hit 30 above. As least my chickens are happy.