Winter Sky

The other morning, I woke up in darkness. I fed the dogs and cleaned the yard by the light of my headlamp. I cooked fish, prepared my sled, and played with puppies in a quasi-dawn glow. By noon, a thick cloud cover kept the sun and its glorious light hidden. I'll admit, the dogs and I were feeling sluggish and sleepy with all the darkness. It just felt so.....well, dark. To re-energize everyone, I decided we needed to run. And what a run it was. 

That evening, we enjoyed a sunset like no other. The white snow and black spruce were contrasted with the vibrant blues, reds, and yellows of an electric sunset only possible in winter. The clouds curled and stretched, texturing the entire sky. It was as if Winter had heard my morning thoughts and said, "you know nothing, Ryne Olson."