Quest 300 Preparation

With the Quest 300 now two weeks away, we've been busy bagging kibble, cutting meat snacks, packaging booties, preparing drop bags, and of course training the dogs!

This afternoon, I hit the first milestone of the race- completing the drop bags. All the gear, food, and clothing for the race must be packed and dropped off for Quest volunteers to deliver to the various checkpoints. It can be difficult to anticipate what supplies you'll need at each checkpoint so I played the rookie card...pack EVERYTHING. I'm sure I packed more kibble and food than needed, but if there's a storm raging on Eagle Summit, we are prepared to relax at Mile 101 checkpoint for as long as necessary. 

Not only is our gear now ready to go, but the youngsters are getting excited to race too. Here's a short video of 40 miles into our run last night. With a huge bright moon, warm temps, and enthusiastic pups, what could be better?


The Team with leaders Ham and Neptune (Ham's sister visiting from Riley Dyche's kennel---Thanks Riley!).