Filling the Freezer

One of the aspects I love most about Alaska is the immense and diverse wild lands. The untamed country is home to a variety of animals that thrive in their natural habitats. Due to this healthy ecosystem, many Alaskans are able to fill their freezers with wild harvested meat like salmon, moose, Dall sheep, and caribou. This past week, we've been busy trying to fill our freezer with salmon and Dall sheep. First I travelled down to the Chitna River to fish for red salmon with my good friend Kristina. This was my first experience dipnetting (holding a large net in the water attached to a ten foot pole) and must admit I felt rather foolish just sitting on the bank with a net in the water. After a couple salmon, I realized the method was pretty efficient! Two days later, I left with Derek for the Brooks Range in search of Dall sheep. All the sunny, pleasant pictures were taken on the day we flew in. The nice weather sucked us in to a false sense of comfort, only to switch overnight to fog and snow. Overall, the two trips were incredibly fun and successful. I feel so fortunate to live in such a wonderful place!