Dog Walking

This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to work my perfect job. And just what is this perfect job you might ask? It depends on who’s asking. The uniqueness of the job means there is no established job title, so my answer varies. To buff up my resume, I might call myself a Lead Field Research Technician on a protein study for Marine IED detection dogs. To an inquiring friend I would describe myself as a simple dog walker. Unfortunately neither title adequately describes my responsibilities. The first makes me sound far more qualified than actuality, and the second brings to mind a prim dog walker holding dozens of leashes and strolling through Central Park. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. 

My main responsibilities this summer were to condition 16 dogs from SP Kennel using the military IED detection dog conditioning program. This required incrementally increasing the hours of exercise each dog free ran each week. During the process, the dogs would receive different amounts of protein in an effort to determine the effect of extra protein on a dog’s hydration. Dr. Mike Davis from Oklahoma State University was the mastermind behind the study. The video below provides a window into an average day, if any day can be called average. All the moose, porcupine, bear tracks, ducklings, and fires meant that there was never a dull moment. 

I have to say thank you to SP Kennel and Dr. Mike Davis for giving me the opportunity to work my perfect job. Even with 600 miles on my hiking boots, I’m loving every second of it.