Lee's Cabin

Long live winter! Even though it’s April 11th, temperatures are below freezing and snow is on the ground. The mushing season isn’t over! 

As a fun midweek break, I took the team up to Lee’s Cabin in the White Mountain Recreation Area for another campout. This campout had two new challenges for the youngsters: hills and another dog team. After grinding it through the hills, where Kindi did particularly well, we met mushing friend, Kristina, at the cabin. Kristina brought her own eight dog team, so the youngsters learned to camp with other dogs around. At every checkpoint in a race, the dogs will be camping right next to other teams, meaning that this campout was a great test for them.

On the run back to the truck the next day, Kristina and I practiced passing, which is another aspect key to racing. Good manners when passing another dog team prevent tangles, scuffs, and unwanted delays. I’m proud to say that all the dogs stayed focused, and we didn’t have a single tangle!