It's hard to believe how quickly the puppies are growing. Little CJ has changed from the polar bear cub to a real dog....well almost. As they grow, each puppy is developing his or her own personality. 

CJ is Ms. Independent. On walks, she explores tree wells and offshoot trails and ignores her smaller sister, Belle who pesters her nonstop. 


Belle is a heathen. She's smaller than all her litter mates but by far the most spunky and destructive. She's not afraid of anything and will tear the house apart if left unsupervised (and sometimes when supervised).

Fenton is SUPER friendly....especially if you have food. When loose, his sprints over to the 'big dogs' and checks their bowls to make sure they're clean. 

Lefty loves the couch. When inside, he'll jump up on the couch and stay the entire time he's indoors. He's the most shy of the litter but warms up if you have food. 

Here's a sneak peak at the Ducks--- bios and more pictures soon to come!