Quest 300 and the Founders Club

Ryno Kennel has officially signed up for our big race of the season- the Quest 300! Check out musher #19 on the Yukon Quest website to see our profile! 

The Quest 300 is notorious for being one of the most challenging mid-distance races of the season. Climbing Rosebud Summit, descending the infamous Eagle Summit, tromping through overflow, and frigid -40F temperatures are just some of the challenges we might encounter. The race will be a great learning experience for the young dogs as well as a test for my own race planning skills. It begins on February 1st in downtown Fairbanks so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

With the racing season beginning, now is when we need your help. Ryno Kennel Founders Club is a once ever chance to show your support of Ryno Kennel from the very beginning. Join Ryno Kennel from our inception and be one of the few that can say they've followed Ryno Kennel from Day 1. Click the Founders Club at the top of the toolbar or the linked logo above. 


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