Duck Hunting

Last weekend, my parents arrived from Colorado for a week-long Alaskan visit. This is their first time seeing the dog yard, playing with the puppies, and getting a taste of the Ryno Kennel lifestyle. First on the schedule: duck hunting. Derek recently discovered a great duck hunting location in the Minto Flats. Even though we had a combined total of four days of duck hunting experience, Derek, Mom, Dad, Andy, Jezzy and I hit the slough.

At first we had some slight hiccups (ducks flying away when I blew my duck call, Jezzy retrieving the decoys in impatient excitement.) However, we finally started to have success. The only real natural in the group was Jezzy. Jezzy instinctually knew how to retrieve ducks, drag them across the slough, wait quietly by the decoys, and scout for grouse in her spare time. Watching her work and perform the job she loves to do was more rewarding than getting my first duck. It reminds me of a quote from the movie Juno  when Vanessa was in the process of adopting Juno's baby. In reference to her natural desire to be a mother, she asked Juno's father:

Vanessa : Have you ever felt like you were just born to do something?

Mac : Yes. Heating and air conditioning. 

Jezzy would have responded, "Yes. Retrieving ducks."