Welcome 2018

We started off 2018 with a beautiful dog run! This video was taken at about 1:00 PM near the peak of the sun's trip across the sky. It's been over a week since the winter solstice, and we've gained 20 extra minutes of daylight. Can't you tell? Just kidding. The sun still barely clears the horizon; however, that makes for spectacular colors throughout the day. During January, the length of day will exponentially increase until we're gaining about 6:45 per day, at which it will stay throughout February and March. Tour guests always ask how we can handle the darkness, and I reply, Alaska is the land of extremes. Just when you start to grow weary of the dark (or total light during the summer), the world rapidly changes. You just have to get outside regardless of the sun or temperature, and try to experience all Alaska has to offer because before you know it, the seasons have changed!

Thanks to everyone for being a part of the Ryno Team in 2017, and we can't wait to share our adventures with you in 2018! We wish you a Happy New Year filled with friends and family, both human and canine. 

The Last Frontier Mushing Co-op

 The crew relaxing inside after a long campout.

The crew relaxing inside after a long campout.

During the holidays, we've had a big rush of new adventure seekers going for rides with us at the Mushing Co-op! We do a few different types of tours ranging from 2-Hr Chena River rides to 4-Hr Aurora Tours to expeditions (in the spring). For the dogs, this a great opportunity for them to get a little extra attention, meet lots of new people, and practice camping (especially on the 4-Hr Aurora tour when we mush out to our campsite and stay for a couple hours waiting for the aurora). Typically I bring the yearlings on these tours; however, the rides are also great stretch out runs for the adults after we do a long training run. At night after the tours, the adults and I head out for longer runs in preparation for the Copper Basin in just a couple weeks!!



We had a fantastic time yesterday competing in the Solstice 50! We finished in 6th place with a happy dog team who were still slamming their harnesses at the finish line! I call that a big success. Liz had a fantastic race as well. She stopped for 1 hour 15 minutes at a camp about 30 miles into the race. Since the yearlings did not have much experience running longer distances, this was a courtesy stop for them, but they thought it was just a waste of time! Crunch ( a two-year-old) led the entire way with Niagra and did very well. Overall, it was a blast!   

 Ryne and Team- Photo Credit Scott Chesney

Ryne and Team- Photo Credit Scott Chesney

 Liz  and Team- Photo Credit Scott Chesney!

Liz  and Team- Photo Credit Scott Chesney!

Here are a couple videos from the trail.

Solstice 50!


We're kicking off the 2017-2018 Race Season with the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association Solstice 50!

With all the snow in Two Rivers, the trail will be taking a new route up over the highest hills outside of Fairbanks. Recently we ran the trail and took a short video of the incredible views!

Both Liz and I will be running in the Solstice 50 with Derek and Tyler helping us take off! My team will be:

Katy & Goblin

Boone & Drummer

Cartel & Perm

Yuker & CJ

Wingman & Lefty

Supai & Drake

Liz will be running a mixture of adults and yearlings. Given the strenuous course, she'll be taking a short break about 35 miles in, mostly for the yearlings. Her team will be:

Niagra & Crunch

King Louie & Belle

Wombat & Uno


Gringa & Coot

Flash & Blitz

Our good friend, Mari, with ATAO Kennel (http://ataokennel.com/) will be running Nile and Vanessa in her team. Let the races begin!!