(6/4/12) Scooter x Solomon

Rucu is the man. He has finished every race in his career, eats everything in sight, and at 65 lbs, could single-handedly pull the sled. Even though he's not a leader, no team is complete without Rucu.

Sponsored by Melissa Krahmer


(6/4/12) Scooter x Solomon

Supai is a super loveable, self-assured, hard-working guy that has finished every race in his career. He’s quite the flirt with his deep red coat and always wagging tail, making him a huge success with the ladies.

Sponsored by Paula Fehrenbach


(6/4/12) Scooter x Solomon

Kindi is sassy, occasionally bordering on growly. Fortunately, most everyone can call her bluff since deep-down, Kindi is just a happy-go-lucky, hard-driving team dog. Happy Kindi wags not just her tail, but her whole hind end.

Sponsored by Deb and Hunter Davis


(8/8/12) Olivia x Nacho

Katy is a speed demon. At only 35 lbs, Katy matured into one of the main leaders last race season. Her gait is miraculously fluid as she seamlessly transitions between a trot and a lope. If she were human, Katy would be a ballet dancer.

Sponsored by Paul Stout


(8/8/12) Olivia x Nacho

Sally is the smallest dog in the kennel, but she has one of the biggest attitudes. Last season, she started leader training and revealed that even with short little legs, she is ridiculously fast. Give her a year or two, and Sally will be a main speed leader.

Sponsored by Louise Rathswohl


(8/8/12) Olivia x Nacho

Amy has been slower to mature than her two sisters, but she has the same leadership potential. Last year, she was one of Derek’s main trapline leaders, charging through overflow, deep powder, and rugged wilderness. We’re excited to see what she accomplishes this season.

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(7/13/11) Guinness x Gumbo 

Cartel might come off as soft and fluffy, but beneath that adorable, teddy bear face is a fierce warrior. She’s tough as nails and steps up to lead when things get rough. That being said, Cartel appreciates a warm bed and modern day amenities.

Sponsored by Ty Kuiper


(5/13/12) Hooch x Suspect

Derby is loved by every dog in the yard. While she might occasionally be shy, she’s everyone’s best friend. She’s playful, hard-driving, and honest to the core, making her a key member of the race team.

Sponsored by Charlotte Frick


(5/13/12) Hooch x Suspect

Fez never stops moving. I would diagnose her with ADHD except that she shows complete focus when pulling with the team. Fez has finished every race in her career and is known as an energizer bunny.

Sponsored by Marilyn Cozzens


(8/1/09) Nitro x Suspect

Fire is one of the main leaders with a tireless, can-do attitude. When in lead, Fire's knowledge of commands allows the team to navigate through anything. She may seem sweet and innocent, but Fire has a mischievous side.

Sponsored by Linda Toth


(5/29/11) Fire x Patton

Ham, like his mother Fire, is an incredible gifted leader. He is extremely forward oriented and proved his impressive leadership skills in the Copper Basin and Yukon Quest last year. Ham is a little goofy and awkward, but that only makes him more endearing. 

Sponsored by the Chaffin Family



(5/29/11) Fire x Patton

Niagra is Ham's brother, and like the rest in her litter, is a natural leader. She's extremely affectionate with everyone she meets but all business when it's time to run. She needed a little extra training, but I expect her to be a main leader this year.

Sponsored by Scooter Thomas


(2/1/13) Moriah x Dred

Perm had an exceptional season last year, turning two-years-old during the Yukon Quest. Loud, sassy, playful, and occasionally obnoxious, Perm is one of a kind. Perm seems to improve the more difficult the conditions, making her a fantastic sled dog.

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(7/26/13) Puppet x Nacho

Fenton is the biggest dog in the kennel although most of his weight comes from his long, long legs. Fenton would excel as a basketball player if he had opposable thumbs. He had a fantastic yearling season, thriving during his first 200-mile race.

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(9/7/13) Nutmeg x Nacho

Coot is competitive, affectionate, and just wants to please. He did exceptional his yearling season, already logging some time as a leader. Even though he’s not particularly fast, Coot is extremely honest and steady with potential to be a main 1000-mile leader.

Sponsored by Lynne Danielson



(7/26/13) Puppet x Nacho

Lefty is the slightly awkward brother of the Outlaw litter. Even though his social skills might be lacking, he makes up for it in sheer power and drive. Lefty has started in lead and seems to thrive in that position, unless a squirrel crosses his path, then no telling where you’ll end up.  

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(7/26/13) Puppet x Nacho

Calamity Jane fits her name. She was slower to mature than her siblings, so she joined Derek on the trapline. Rather than standing quietly while Derek checked traps, she shredded nearby trees, dug trenches, and riled everyone up. Looking forward to that energy in the right direction.

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(7/26/13) Puppet x Nacho

Belle is a heathen (a term used affectionately). She’s full of energy and fast twitch muscles. Even after a long run, Belle jumps around enthusiastically, ready to do another 50 miles. She’s the smallest in her class, barely topping 38 lbs, but she doesn’t let the big boys intimidate her.

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(9/7/13) Nutmeg x Nacho

Drake is the biggest of the Ducks and EXTREMELY affectionate. He’s known for jumping up and bear hugging anyone who visits while talking a husky "woowoowoo." Drake had an impressive season last year, so we have high hopes for this big snuggler.  

Sponsored by Nicolle Hendrix



(9/7/13) Nutmeg x Nacho

Brant is crazy. At hookup, he has an ear-piercing bark that lets you know he’s ready and to pick me! Brant improved dramatically over his yearling season and became an incredible wheel dog. Light, agile, and fast, Brant will be a key athlete in the future.

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(9/7/13) Nutmeg x Nacho

Eider is one handsome guy. Tall, nimble, and leggy, Eider would be a model in a human life. He seems to know of his good looks and thoroughly enjoys flirting with the ladies. He had a fantastic yearling season, often running in wheel. 

Sponsored by Jo Justesen




(6/22/14) Pirate x Rucu

Chagga has grown into a beautiful, powerful sled dog. She resembles her mother, Pirate, and gets a little crazed anytime she’s put in harness. Sweet, affectionate Chagga transforms into crazy, must-pull monster Chagga.

Sponsored by Mark Greene


(6/22/14) Pirate x Rucu

If Earl was a person, he would be a good, ol' fashioned farm boy that is just happy relaxing, tromping through the field, or sipping on beer. But when it’s time to work, Earl is a powerhouse like his dad, Rucu.

Sponsored by Mickey and Doug Zirkle





Jezzy is the full-time puppy instigator. She takes her job very seriously, never missing an opportunity to pester the sled dogs. 


As a main leader from Ryne's Iditarod Team in 2012, Stormy has earned her spot by the fireplace. When Stormy is not sleeping by the wood stove, she's helping train puppies and going for free walks. Stormy is the perfect dog.