2017-2018 Race Schedule*

December 23rd- Solstice 50 (Ryne and Liz)

January 13th- Copper Basin (Ryne and Liz)

January 20th- Two Rivers 100 (Tyler)

February 3rd- Yukon Quest (Ryne)

*Race schedule subject to change


2016-2017 race season

January 14th- Copper Basin 300: Champions, Vet's Choice Award, Sportsmanship Award

Two Rivers 100- 6th place (Amanda)

February 4th- Yukon Quest: 9th Place


2015-2016 race season

2015 Alpine Creek Excursion: Ryne (6th) and Maliko (18th)

2015 Solstice 50: Ryne (2nd) and Maliko (15th)

2016 Copper Basin 300: Ryne (2nd and Veterinarian Care Award) and Maliko (25th)

2016 Two Rivers 100: Maliko (3rd place)

2016 Quest 300: Ryne (4th and Veterinarian Care Award) and Maliko (10th)

2016 Iditarod Sled Dog Race: Ryne (59th place)


2014-2015 race season

2014 Alpine Creek Excursion Sled Dog Race- December 6th- 3rd place

2014 Neighborhood 100- December 20th- 2nd place

2015 Copper Basin 300- January 10th- 3rd place and Rookie of the Year

2015 1000-mile Yukon Quest International Dog Sled Race- 13th place

2015 Old Mail Trail 200- 5th place and 10th place


2013-2014 Race season

2013 Solstice 50

2014 Quest 300- 5th place

2014 Two Rivers 100